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Malana Fox

Healing body, mind, heart so that your Spirit can find expression.

Graduate of Colorado School of Healing Arts, Lakewood, Colorado, June 2002.
Other healing modalities studied:

My Definition for Healing:
Healing is clearing what blocks us from feeling good. We all need to heal.

My Practice Philosophy:
My philosophy is to remain open hearted and non-judgemental regarding my clients and the symptoms presented. My objective is to use my training, experience and intuition to provide the healing support required by the situation and to offer comfort and nurturing. My intention is to create sanctuary and rest for the length of a session. I recognize that Life is a journey taken by the body and the soul. My desire is to support your journey and help you reach your highest potential.

Why I do what I do:
I first became passionate about massage therapy when I received significant emotional healing after a traumatic period in my life. Since then I have witnessed amazing benefits for myself and others on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Massage and other forms of bodywork support healing and create balance and vitality so that injuries and illness can be avoided. It truly is “preventive health care.” Supporting the whole person through herbs and bringing in the sacred are a natural progression for me. My desire is to use my gifts and skills to provide healing for others in service to humanity.

A little bit about me:
I was born and raised in Denver and graduated from Colorado College in Colorado Springs. As a young adult I moved to Kansas City and lived there for 12 years. While there I received an MBA from University of Missouri-KC and started my family. My daughter is now raised and on her own. I have had a successful accounting career. My focus today is on doing the healing work that I love. I also love the outdoors; hiking and gardening. I am committed to my own health and do my best to stay fit and eat nutritiously. I practice what I preach and get regular bodywork for myself. The herbs are a daily part of my nourishment and nurturing. My connection to the sacred through prayer, meditation and ritual is my expression of who I am.

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